Dawn and Oliver Jaksons, LGBT Allies, Parents of a Gay Son

 There is the LGBTQ community and then there are people like Scott who live, breath, and are the LGBTQ community. Scott advocates tirelessly for justice and understanding and there is no one that epitomizes support, understanding, and leadership of this community better than him. He is there leading and advocating 24/7. There are many times that he goes from support groups, to news interviews, to fundraiser, etc. all in one day. Scott is selfless in this as there is no personal, or monetary gain, for him in doing so. He does it all with hugs, good humor, and a smile. On many, if not most, occasions he is the voice, and face, of the LGBTQ community in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma. He does it regardless of any personal danger or judgement that may come to him for it. His leadership of the Cimarron Alliance Equality Center and the LGBTQ community in Oklahoma is exemplary. Scott is a hero in the Oklahoma LGBTQIAP community and one of the best people we know.



James Nimmo, progressive activist

As an openly gay man living in the hetero-dominant state of Oklahoma–where the majority is never straight enough, religious enough, or red-neck enough–I always hold in my mind that progressive Oklahomans have an invaluable asset in the voice and mind of Scott Hamilton. His calm, analytical presence is more than equal to the task of disproving the myths, stereotypes, and down-right lies coming from the enemies of civil rights.


Rusty Surette, Executive Producer, KWTV

Scott’s always been a favorite among Oklahoma City media.  He’s always willing to work around our inconvenient deadlines and immediately responds to any request we have. He’s professional, polite and passionate about his work.  That’s why we’ve gone to him over and over for his thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics.


Eddie S. Freeman III, President, OCU Outlaws

Scott has been a great friend and inspiration.  After moving to Oklahoma City, Scott befriended me and inspired me to achieve more within the LGBT community.  Prior to arriving, I would not have considered myself an activist.  However, Scott proved to me that the little things can make a big difference in the LGBT community.  I appreciate Scott for all of the work he has done, and all the work he will do in the future.


Saul G. Olivarez, Attorney at Law

For many years, Oklahoma City’s LGBT community was scattered and fragmented. Scott Hamilton’s leadership and dedication reunited the community and transformed it into a force for advocacy. He will never be able to quantify the number of lives he personally and positively touched through his goodwill and continuous pursuit of what is right.


Sarah Adams-Cornell

Scott Hamilton is an invaluable asset to our community. His skillful advocacy for marginalized people is unmatched. While Scott is a fearless, front line leader, he also meets challenges and those presenting them with compassion and kindness. He approach is always positive, respectful and you walk away feeling energized from his presence. Scott’s knowledge base, quick wit and friendly demeanor make him a natural choice for public speaking and public representation. He is a well respected member of our community, a well received voice for policy change and would be an asset to whomever is lucky enough to employ him. These are just a few of the many reasons I nominated him for 2014 Oklahoman of the Year.   (See 18:10)


Jimmy Chavez, Community Advocate

Scott Hamilton is a dear friend and hero not only in my life but also in the lives of others. His experience with being a marginalized gay man gives him an inherent ability to connect with others from disenfranchised communities. Scott is not only my hero but also a hero for those that do not have a voice or may not feel empowered.  His presence on mic and on camera is one that commands respect, full attention and motivates others to stand up and fight for equality. These sentiments are echoed time and time again from the feedback and conversations that I have with others as well as the response Scott receives from others in the community.  His message is one of love, his vision is one for a fair and just Oklahoma and his mission is the advancement of equality for all Oklahomans.


Mark Faulk, Community Organizer/Radio Host

I admire Scott’s integrity, his compassion, and his unwavering commitment and passion for the rights of all oppressed human beings. He is special. We need a thousand people like him in Oklahoma. Or maybe a million.


Rev. Semaj Vanzant, Sr., Christ Experience Church

You speak for many who sometimes cannot find the words to say! On behalf of all of them: THANK YOU!!!!


Paula Sophia, Author and Trans Advocate

Thank you for your vision and dedication, for expanding the tent of inclusivity.


Jonathan Beck Reed, Artist in Residence, CityRep Theater

When they write the book of Scott’s life, I want to play him in the movie!


Theresa Wilson Flannery, Advocate for the Disabled

Scott is an amazingly gifted speaker and motivator. He has passion for those who have been marginalized by society – those with disabilities, minorities and disadvantaged persons to name but a few. His compassion for the human race in general is unmatched and his willingness to stand for what is right and just is admirable.